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Our Story

The genesis of the Blue Sky Housing success story begins with one man’s passion for real estate. In 1997, Managing Partner Earle “Chico” Horton was a newly minted law school graduate looking to acquire his first home. After going through the process of buying and renovating his property, it was at that point that he became sold on real estate.


As a burgeoning young attorney, Horton began working on various deals, learning the mechanics of real estate development and its potential to generate economic value for investors and owners.


Blue Sky Housing LLC was established over 20 years ago and is now a prominent developer of commercial and residential development. With over two decades of real estate, legal and financial experience, Horton is also Founding Member of Tiber Hudson LLC, a law firm with specialties in real estate, banking and finance, securities and general corporate representation.


Through Blue Sky Housing, Horton – who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehouse College and a Juris Doctorate from the Howard University School of Law – is continuously elevating the company’s vision and expanding its portfolio with authentically inspired projects that strive to build on the past while developing the future.

Earle “Chico” Horton

Managing Partner

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